24 November 2011

Lenticular Printing

Lenticular Printing brings flat, static images to life. This is achieved through the creation of an optical illusion. 

A plastic sheet, known as a 'lenticular sheet' is covered with thousands of rows of tiny lenses and overlaid on a blended image. Each lens on the lenticular sheet will magnify a small area of the image you see. 

For the optical illusion to work multiple images must be interlaced together.These images are then sliced into strips and blended together to form one single image. The size of the strips created depends on the type of lenticular lens and the printing resolution used.

As mentioned above, each lens on the lenticular sheet magnifies just a small area of the image beneath it. As you change the position of the lenticular image (or your head) the viewing angle of the lens changes. This results in a different area of the image being magnified and displayed. 

There are several effects which can be achieved through lenticular printing:

a simple merge between two images
a sequence of images with a flip book effect
or a 3D effect (when the lenses are turned vertically).

For more information on lenticular printing, or if you would like your marketing materials created using this fascinating medium contact us at: hello@ansteydesign.co.uk

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