30 September 2011

The Quick Response Code

Since the birth of the Internet Mankind has entered what is often referred to as ‘The Digital Age’. And with it comes new technologies and opportunities for businesses to exploit for growth and marketing.

One recent piece of technology that has hit our shores is the Quick Response Code (or QR Code for short). New to Europe and the States they’ve actually been around since the 90’s in Japan, where they were invented.

So, what is a QR Code?
Putting it simply they look and function like a barcode, except you use a Smart Phone to read them. By pointing the phone’s camera at the code, and with the help of a special app, all of the data contained within the QR Code is released. This data is then displayed on your phone’s screen.

What data can a QR Code display?
As its name suggests, a QR Code can be used to provide people with quick access to; your website, contact details, instant messages, online advertising campaigns, online galleries, additional information, and well just about any form of digital marketing you can think of. 

They’re really that simple and, when used through well thought out, intelligent marketing campaigns, the potential benefits for your business is huge.

And to finish…
Currently just under 50% of the UK population are Smart Phones users. This figure is increasing year on year and it is easy to see how featuring a QR code in your marketing materials could benefit your business. Not only do they provide people with quick access to information that you want them to see, but they are a great way for you to connect with potential customers and show that you are a thought leader.

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